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Analysis of Alfvén eigenmode data from H-1 plasma

Honours, Masters, PhD
Analysis of Alfvén eigenmode data from H-1 plasma

One of the major concerns in predictions of the plasma parameters required for next step fusion experiments (e.g. ITER) is the possible deleterious effect of the excitation of large amplitude Alfvén eigenmodes, manifesting as magnetic field fluctuations which can cause energy transport across the confining magnetic field. Similar fluctuations are observed in high temperature H-1 plasmas. You would analyse some of the substantial data set of frequency vs. time data (`voiceprint´) looking for agreement or otherwise with a few simple theories, or for different characteristic phenomena. We have data viewing and data mining software already, which you are encouraged to use, or you could improve this, or develop your own approach. For Honours and Vacation students, a senior research student or Postdoc would be able to provide close support with software and analysis. There are many directions in which this work could be extended to a PhD, including sophisticated data analysis and data mining, theoretical analysis/basic plasma stability studies, or extension of the probe/detector/signal processing hardware.


A/Prof Boyd Blackwell
Professor John Howard

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